Державний університет інформаційно-комунікаційних технологій
Державний університет інформаційно-комунікаційних технологій
Державний університет інформаційно-комунікаційних технологій

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Державний університет інформаційно-комунікаційних технологій

Public administration and political science: an historical analysis of the relation between the two academic disciplines

Hiba Khodr
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3717 дн. тому
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Hiba Khodr. «Public administration and political science: an historical analysis of the relation between the two academic disciplines». - 2005.

This dissertation examines American Public Administration’s relationship to political science. It analyzes major theoretical trends in both fields’ history that have had a profound impact on the historical development of such relation. These include: politicsadministration dichotomy, bureaucracy and democracy, theory and practice, and behavioralism. In addition, the appearance of the science of management and the emergence of the subfield of policy studies are two events that have contributed to major changes that occurred in the relationship between the two fields at different times. The method of research of this study is mainly historical. However, a content analysis is conducted. The data collected include primary sources, such as scholarly publications in both fields, and other related material such as the disciplines’ academic organization and professional associations. This study is divided into historical periods ranging from 1887 to present. These periods are formulated to highlight the relationship chronological development. By tracing such development this study is in a unique position to assess the relationship’s status, identifying both its high and low points. When was the origin; what is the nature; how was the course; and how is the present condition, of the two disciplines’ relationship? These are some of the questions this work attempts to answer.

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